Saudi Arabia: Ma’aden aims to produce 10% of global DAP demand

Saudi Arabian Mining Company “Ma’aden” announced late November that the Project of Mine and Plant of Phosphate Concentrates in Hazm Al-Jalameed started actual production with the delivery of the first consignment of phosphate concentrates to Ras Al-Zour in preparation for the experimental operation of the project, which, after completion will produce three million tpa DAP. Their strategy is aimed to produce 10 per cent of the global DAP demand.

The Company said that it had completed services and infrastructures’ facilities of the phosphate project in Ras Al-Zour, in addition to the start of the experimental operation of most of the units of its joint venture in collaboration with Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC). They also disclosed that it has rescheduled the start of the first production of the project to the second quarter of 2011 instead the fourth quarter of this year 2010, adding that commercial production will begin in the third quarter of 2011.

The phosphate project exploits a phosphate deposit located in the Al Jalameed site and utilizes local natural gas and sulphur resources to manufacture DAP. Processing facilities at the Ras Al-Zour have also been designed with the flexibility to produce Monammonium Phosphate, should production of MAP be considered more economically viable.

It is anticipated that the project will also produce quantities of ammonia and phosphoric acid not required in the production process, which can be exported or sold domestically.

The Al Jalameed site comprises a phosphate mine, beneficiation plant and supporting infrastructure. A substantial amount of industrial infrastructure will be developed at the Al Jalameed site to support mining and beneficiation operations. This includes a power plant, a potable water production, treatment and distribution station, roads and telecommunications. Phosphate concentrate will be transported by rail from the Al Jalameed beneficiation plant to Ras Al-Zour for processing. The phosphate concentrate will be processed in a fertilizer production facility consisting of a phosphoric acid plant, a sulphuric acid plant, an ammonia plant, a granulation plant, a co-generation plant and a desalination plant, and other infrastructure facilities.

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