Iran: Gubretas to expand fertilizer capacity

Istanbul-based maker of fertilizer Gübre Fabrikalari TAS (Gubretas), plans additional investments at its Iranian plant to add 1 million tonnes of new capacity. They had  purchased the Razi fertilizer plant, the largest in Iran, for about US$600 million in 2008. The company operates two manufacturing plants in Turkey, which are located at Yarimca and Iskenderun, and controls over 15% of the Turkish fertilizer market. Gübretas produces TSP and all kinds of compound fertilizers. Razi has nameplate capacities for 1.3 million tpa ammonia, 0.6 million tpa urea, 0.5 million tpa sulphur, 0.6 million tpa sulphuric acid, 0.25 million tpa phosphoric acid, and 0.45 million tpa DAP.

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