Uruguay: ALUR is investing US$100 million in animal feeds, biofuels and other products

Alur, most of whose shares are in hand of the State-owned  energy company ANCAP, is producing 18 million litres of ethanol from sugar cane, 35,000 tonnes of sugar and 10 MWh of electric energy, employing 2,700 persons. Now they are investing 100 million US dollars in animal feeds, agro-energy and other products. They expect to begin producing en the second semester of 2013 49,000t of animal feed per year in the Paysandu Department. Each industrialized ton of raw material (based on grains, soybeans, etc.) will produce 400 lts of ethanol and 280 kg of animal feed. In the 2010 Alur had a turnover of US$80 million.

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