Belarus: Belaruskali Diversifies into NPKs

Belaruskali, one of world’s biggest manufacturers of potash fertilizers, plans to build a 240,000 tpa NPK plant at the Belaruskali industrial site by December 2012. This would be in continuation of the 100,000 tpa NPK manufacturing line that was launched last February and which is based on dry blending. The new project envisages putting all nutrients into one fertilizer pellet: finished commodity components (ammophos, carbomide, ammonium nitrate, sulphate or ammonium chloride, potassium chloride) will be crushed and mixed in proper proportions. The mixture will then be sprayed with water, steamed and granulated. After that granules will be dried in the drying drum and separated.

Belaruskali exports more than 80% of its output to 65 countries. In 2010 they produced eight million tonnes KCl, and the main consumers were Brazil, China, India, Poland, Norway, Indonesia.

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