Australia: Fighting Nitrogen and Phosphorus Pollution

Excessive nitrogen and phosphorus has emerged as one of the leading causes of degraded water quality. According to the World Resources Institute, over the past 50 years, human activities have caused a doubling of nitrogen pollution and a tripling of phosphorus pollution in coastal areas.


Now the Australian government has allocated $3 million to a project to help reduce the amount of chemicals entering the city of Perth major waterways. They are going to build two new wetlands in Ellenbrook and Bayswater over the next four years in order to reduce pollution in the Swan and Canning Rivers.


The Australian Environment Minister Bill Marmion said it will have an immediate impact on the health of Perth’s rivers and that “the problem with nitrogen and phosphorus is that they create algal blooms in the river if the weather conditions are conducive to that and if [they] lower the nitrogen and phosphorus that will minimize the likelihood of algal blooms in the hot summer period”.

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