India: FACT project to set up an ammonia-urea complex

In the fiscal year 2011, India produced 21.88 million tonnes of urea, but they have to import millions of tonnes each year to meet the domestic demand, and they expect demand-supply gap of at least 8 million tonnes by 2020. This is the background for a project of Fertilisers and Chemicals Travancore Ltd (FACT), a fertilizer maker located in the West Coast, to to set up an ammonia-urea complex, which will consist of an ammonia plant of 2,000 tpd capacity and urea plant of 3,500 tpd capacity. The estimated investment cost towards this will be Rs 4,500 crore. FACT is a government runned company involved in the production and marketing of fertilizers and caprolactam, but who has also interests in petrochemicals, hydrometallurgy, and pharmaceuticals.

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