France: GPN Environmental Assessment of Nitrogen Life Cycle

The main French fertilizer maker GPN and InVivo conducted an environmental assessment of the three major forms of nitrogen (ammonium nitrate 33.5, urea and UAN) over the entire process from production to usage.

The results of this study are clearly in favor of the ammonium nitrate produced by 33.5 GPN: lower environmental impact and improved energy balance. This was due both to differences in production processes, with differences of gaseous emissions in the field and to a greater agronomic effectiveness of the ammonium nitrate.

Emissions of greenhouse gas emissions were almost 40% lower with AN than with nitrogen solutions. The primary energy consumption was 50% lower with ammonium nitrate than with urea.

Paris-based GPN was formerly known as Grande Paroisse S.A. and changed its name to GPN S.A. in May 2007. All the GPN production sites are located in France, in the heart of the major cereal production areas: the Grandpuits plant in Seine-et-Marne and the Grand-Quevilly plant in Seine-Maritime. They are a 100% subsidiary of the TOTAL Group and have 1,876 employees.

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