Romania: Ameropa to get a majority stake in Azomures

Swiss-registered Ameropa Holding AG has acquired a majority stake in Romanian fertilizers producer Azomures SA through a series of agreements signed on November 25, 2011. It has been reported reported that the privately held Ameropa may pay more than 100 million euros (US$133 million) for the majority stake in Azomures.

Up to now, six Turkish investors controlled 76% of Azomures ownership, which is Romania’s largest publicly traded fertilizer maker. At their chemical complex in Targu Mures they have nameplate production capacities for 280,000 tpa ammonia (in two lines), 20,000 tpa urea, 100,000 tpa of ammonium nitrate, and 100,000 tpa NPK. The AN-CAN is exported mainly to Europe, Turkey, East Africa and Nigeria, while the stabilized ammonium nitrate (SAN) is shipped to Western Mediterranean destinations and Mexico.

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