Tunisia: Changes in the Phosphate Industry

Given the loss of more than three quarters of its capital, Al Kimia announces that the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Algerian subsidiary, KIMIAL SpA held on 15 and 26 September 2011, decided to dissolve the Company. The company said that given the extended shutdown produced several times by the discontinuation of phosphoric acid supply, the production of 2011 was only 82,675 tons of STPP against a nominal 140,000 tonnes per year.

The Company returns to obtain a concession for the extraction and production of 100,000 tons of sodium sulphate Sebkhat Oum El Khialate Tataouine, an operation of the concession will be made by the new subsidiary “of the Salinas Tataouine “incorporated in August 2011.

One last fact concerns the size of the Company which has grown from 301 agents in 2010 to 525 agents to 31.12.2011 following the recruitment of subcontracting.

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