Malaysia: PetChem to emerge as second largest urea producer in South East Asia

Petronas Chemicals Group (PetChem) will double their urea production capacity through the the implementation of their Sabah Ammonia Urea (Samur) project, in east Malaysia. The Samur complex, close to the Brunei border and less than 100 kilometres to Sarawak, would be made up of an ammonia plant, a urea plant and a granulation plant, as well as integrated utility units and jetty facilities. The urea plant will produce 1.2 million metric tonnes per annum of granulated urea while the ammonia plant will produce 0.74 million tonnes annually of liquid ammonia. This will make PCG the second largest urea producer in South East Asia.

Petronas Chemicals Group Bhd is engaged in manufacturing, marketing and selling diversified petrochemical products, including olefins, polymers, fertilizers, methanol, glycols and other basic chemicals and derivative products. Its business segments include olefins and derivatives, and fertilisers and methanol. PCG has three manufacturing complexes in Gurun – Kedah, Bintulu – Sarawak  and Labuan that produce fertilizer and methanol. They began in 1985 their first production  of ammonia  and urea in the  Bintulu complex. The Samur project is expected to create at least 400 jobs for the local population once it becomes fully operational.

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