Russia: Acron Expands Nitrogen Capacities

Acron, a leading Russian and global mineral fertilizer producer, will spend US$400 million by 2015 to build an ammonia plant with a 700,000 tpa capacity at its main production site in Velikiy Novgorod after opening on March 31 a US$95 million urea factory that can process 335,000 tons, boosting capacity almost 75 percent. Acron, which is controlled by Russian billionaire Viatcheslav Kantor, has a diversified product portfolio consisting of multi-nutrient fertilizers such as NPK and bulk blends, and straight nitrogen-based products such as urea, ammonium nitrate and UAN.
Acron has three production facilities – Acron (Veliky Novgorod, Russia), Dorogobuzh (Smolensk Region, Russia) and Hongri Acron (Shandong Province, China). Acron’s logistics and transportation capabilities include its own fleet of railway cars and three sea port trans-shipment facilities on the Baltic Sea – at the Kaliningrad port of Russia, at the Estonian Sillamäe port and at the Estonian Muuga port. The Group operates distribution networks in Russia and China.
Acron plans to enhance its vertical integration and secure supplies of phosphate and potash inputs through the development of its own mineral resource base. The Group owns licences to develop two apatite-nepheline ore deposits in the Murmansk region and a potassium-magnesium salts deposit in the Perm region (both located in Russia).
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