India: FACT Fertilizer Expansion Projects

The public sector undertaking Fertilizer and Chemicals Travancore Ltd. (FACT) has expansion plants that include a new sulphuric acid plant, a urea plant, Nitrogen-Phosphate (NP) complex fertilizer plant, a SSP plant and an ammonia-urea complex. Almost all the projects will be set up at the FACT Cochin and Udyogamandal divisions. FACT is also considering the possibility of combining the 2,000 tonnes per day sulphuric acid plant and the 1,000 tpd NP plant as a single block and the urea plants as a separate block. Further, the company is looking to set up an integrated ammonia-urea complex which will have a production capacity of 2,800 tpd of ammonia and 3,500 tpd of urea. FACT will set up an integrated complex fertilizer production facility at the company’s Kochi division capable of manufacturing multiple NP grades. This will help FACT increase its complex fertilizer production to 1 million tonnes annually. The company will also set up a urea plant with production capacity of 1,500 tpd at its Udyogamandal division. The sulphuric acid plant will have a nameplate production capacity of 2000 tpd and the SSP plant 500 tpd.

Located in India’s west coast, FACT is also examining the possibility of setting up a gypsum park and it is looking at a proposed LNG terminal in Kochi to serve as a gas link for both feedstock and fuel instead of naphtha and furnace oil.

FACT is a state-run company which besides fertilizers, has also interests in caprolactam (an intermediate used in nylon production), petrochemicals, hydrometallurgy, pharmaceuticals, engineering services, and others. During the fiscal year 2011, the company produced 245,380 metric tonnes of sulphuric acid and 36,050 metric tonnes of phosphoric acid. They have over 3,000 employees.

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