Kazakhstan: Production of sodium hexametaphosphate and phosphates launched in Zhambyl Oblast

Kazphosphate LLC will use a new technology for production of sodium hexametaphosphate (SHMP). This is the first time such innovation is used at the territory of Kazakhstan. The factory will produce final goods with high added value.  The use of the new technologies will triple the energy efficiency. The facility’s capacity is expected to reach 4,000 tonnes of sodium hexametaphosphate and food-grade phosphates per year.

SHMP has various industrial applications from drilling muds to water treatment. In water treatment it acts as a corrosion inhibitor, water softening, ph control, and scale inhibitor. In potato processing it is sometimes used to prevent discoloration. SHMP blended with STPP is also used in processed poultry products to aid in moisture retention during cooking and to help increase shelf life of precooked products. In jams and jellies SHMP and phosphoric acid have been used in minor amounts for firming, buffering and sequestering.

Other industrial applications are in the dentifrices consumption, clay and copper processing, and in the paper and pesticides industry.

Kazphosphate Limited Liability Company has been established on October 27, 1999. The main activities of the Company are exploration works, mining and processing of phosphate rock, production and sales of yellow phosphorus and its derivatives, phosphate fertilizers and fodder phosphates, output of mineral raw material for industrial products. They employ some 5,800 people.

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